GUNMA SEIKO (Thailand)

April. Songkran Ceremony

On 13th-15th April is the lunar New Year in Thailand. The event of water festival is carried out. In GST, we carried out the Songkran Ceremony after the close of work of before holidays.

  • An altar was set up on the table and petals were floating in the water of bowls. Through them, we felt the traditional customs of Thailand.
  • Traditionally, the youngest people pour water on the hands of the oldest people to purify in this event. The picture is showing that Thai employees were pouring water on Japanese officers' hand.
  • Japanese officers got the lei of artificial flowers one by one, and the ceremony went on with serious feelings. When all of them got the lei, something cold flew on their back. Than means,,,,,Thai employees splashed water on them!
    Recently, people, in particular young people, seem to be forgetting the religious meaning and tradition of Songkran because Songkran is carried out in the hottest season in Thailand. Now, people are likely to see the Songkran as a common water festival.
    In Bangkok, Chiangmai, and Pattaya, people splash water all around the towns. It is getting famous as an event which attracts a lot of tourists.
  • Although the amount of soaked water was a little, Japanese officers and even their underwear got soaked with water. Through this festival, Japanese officers recognised they were working in Thailand strongly.
  • This picture shows the water festival in Pataya.
    A lot of people with water pistols gathered there, and we saw mainly non-Thai people.
  • During the period of Songkran, two Japanese officers joined the water festivals, and enjoyed Thai festival getting soaked with water.

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June. Company Trip

On 4th-5th June, we traveled around Phupai Lake & Resort in Kanchanaburi.

  • This resort is located near the lake of Sri Nakharin Dam which is in the upper reaches of Kuwai river. This river is famous for the movie "The Bridge on The River Kwai" and is approximately 100km west from Bangkok. It took 6 hours for us by car to get there from GST.
  • Thai employees enjoyed going on the raft and swimming in the lake.
  • After dinner, everyone was excited by Karaoke and enjoyed dancing very much in high spirits.
  • On the following day, everyone walked around the temples near the resort and made a round trip of a lake. We had a good time.
  • In the intervals of busy days, we could relax and heal ourselves for a moment.
    Also, I feel that we could strike up our friendship among employees through sharing the happy time.
  • However, it took more than six hours on the way home. Besides, some people became sick and needed to take a rest on the following day, which had a little negative influence on our production.
    I am feel that Thai character is reflected on this incident,,,,.

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New Staff

  • Name : Kiatisak Moipoo
    Nick Name : Aom
    Position : Production  & Stock Control Supervisor
    Age : 34
    He is gentle and kind.
    He is going to have a baby next month.

The third meeting to report the progress of business challenge
in the 48 aniversary

Under the leadership of Mr. Yasuda, who was our consultant, the third meeting to report the progress of business challenge was conducted on 18th March in 2016.

  • In this time, Ms. Nim, who was a GST manager, attended there. For that, the meeting displayed the markedly international character.Although Ms. Nim said that she was very nervous, her presentation was admirable.
  • Also, we attended the lecture whose theme was "My resume, what is the secret of companies which prosper for long time?" conducted by Mr.Kamiyama, a registered smaller enterprise consultant.
    Because he had a lot of experience to work in other countries, his talk was interesting. So, we had a very meaningful time.

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The three freshstaff joined our company on 1st April in 2016.
In the morning, those fresh staff were introduced to their colleagues in Kamikawa factory and an initiation ceremony was conducted under the attendance of our president, managing director and plant manager.

Our president said, "Collect information and realize what information you need. Get interested in a lot of things. While you are young, get experience to try and fail again and again".

Our managing director said, "Keep your goal in your lives and of your job in mind. When you have dilemma, don't hesitate to get advice from others".

Our plant manager said, "Love our company, and be strict with yourselves and be kind and gentle with others".

The lectures for 1 week and the on-site training in factories for 2 months are starting soon. We hope you communicate with other colleagues well and adjust yourselves to Gunma Seiko's culture and atmosphere.

Yusuke Ito
Date of entering a company 2016.4.1
Process Development Section

1.What impression did you get about Gunma Seiko through joining the company?
Before I started to wrok, I thought new employees would be worked very hard, but actually I feel that Gunma Seiko treat workers very kindly. Through new employee training, I communicated with many co-workers. They were very kindly and taught me carefully. Their attitudes are not changable. I think this company is very worker-friendly.

2.What is your personality?Please explain.

I am very patient because I belonged to the Aikido club, which is a sort of Japanese traditional sport, and trained myself four days a week. I am sure to overcome any hardship. On the other hand, I am always very calm, and sometime feel that I might be cold-hearted. For example, I sometimes cannot sympathize with others who get very happy, excited or very emotional. But, getting older seems to make me more emotional than before. That is suprising me.

3.What are you crazy about?
My hobby has been to make plastic models since I was an elementary school student. Now, I make plastic models after job and in the weekend. I need more space for both uncompleted plastic models and completed plastic models bacause I buy plastic models at a faster pace than before. So, I am going to buy new showcases to preserve them.

4.What is your major ?(Explain specifically.)
I majored in mechanical engineering in the university. There, I learned broad topics, such as lectures of mathematic and mechanics, and practical training of using machines, drafting and programming. Especially, I focused on the area about human mechanic and learned about medical and wealfare devices, and bioengineering. My dissertation topic was how brain tumor was distinguished with confocus leazer.

5.What would you like to try?
I would like to coat paint models with airbrush. Now, I use ordinary brush for partical coating, but wide coating with airbrush is needed to promote the quality of caoting.. When I was a university student, I was not able to buy airbrush and keep space for the process of manufacturing. But, now I can afford to do that. So, it is the best for me to start using the new tools for plastic models now. Also, I would like my colleagues to understand the attraction of plastic models and enjoy making them as me, and establish the plastic model club in this company. Then, I hope to aim for the ultimate of manufacturing in public and private.

Yuichi Sato
Date of entering a company 2016.4.1
Process Development Section

1.What did you get the impression of Gunmas Seiko through joining Gunma Seiko?
I felt uneasy very much before I started to work in Gunma Seiko, but the co-workers were very friendly and easy to communicate. Also, they always keep their best efforts in both ordinary jobs and in-house events, which gave me the impression that the workers in Gunma Seiko enjoyed in both public and private.

2.What is your speciality?
My speciality is to be able to sing all cheering songs for the members of Chunichi Dragons, which is a Japanse baseball team. Actually, I have never watched the baseball games in the outfield bleacher, which is the place for the most enthusiastic supporters. But, I memorised those songs through listening again and again. To sing cheering songs can make me enjoy watching the games more, and encourage the players. So, I would like to sing their songs when I support them in the stadium.

3.What did you have any experience to be happy and impressed recently?
Recently, I was impressed by the quality of fuel cost of hybrid cars. I did not drive by myself before I started to work. So, I am feeling how great the hybrid car is, nowadays. Practical experience gives me a lot of opportunity to learn. So, I hope to try new things positively.

4.What did you major in in the university?
I majored in electronics in the university. My department of electronics was devided into three courses: energy system, e-communication and creative engneering, which I belonged to. This course involves the wide topics and I studied about energy, electronics, the information techonology widely. My disseration was about the improvement of the performance of magnetic materials.

5.What would you like to try?
I would like to visit the main stadium around Japan and watch baseball games in the stadium. I love to watch the baseball games, and I have watched a lot of baseball games since I was a university student. But, after I get busy for the job, I will not be able to watch them. Also, I hope to enjoy wathching other sports and major leagues actually.

Saki Tayama
Date of entering a company 2016.4.1
General Affair Section
international Support Section

1.What impression did Gunma Seiko give you ?
I got the impression that Gunma Seiko has good atomosphere for working because all co-workers were very friendly and taught me kindly through new employee training. Also, I feel that Gunma Seiko are full of high spirit. For example, they have tried new projects positively eventhough the size of compamy is small.

2.Please tell your strong points and weak points.
My strong point is to enjoy learning new things. Since I started to work here, I got through the new employee training in a variety of departments. There, I could learn a lot of what I had never known, which was very exicitng. After I am allocated in the general affair section, I will get interested in many things and learn them positively. My weak point is to be hasty. Sometimes, I am seen as being hasty eventhough I do not feel that I am hasty. So, I try to show calm attitudes in work.

3.What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to read books when I have a spare time. Recently, the British author, Kazuo Ishiguro is my favorite. His book "Never let me go."was broadcasted as a drama in the Japanese TV programs. Also, he has published some books, and a book is about Japan. I would like to read every books which he wrote.

4.What was your major in the university?
My major was sociology. Especially, I studied about the social incidents concerned migration, which means the movements of people. For example, the topics of lectures were the difference of attitudes or policies to immigrants among countries and the motivation to immigrate and choose destinations they had. The study involves a lot of perspectives of migration. So, the study was very intresting. The theme of my dissertation was how the presentation of Japanese American tragic history affected the Japanese American community formation.

5.What do you want to try?
I would like to enjoy driving more. The three months have just passed since I started to drive for commuting. Now, I cannot drive in high ways yet. After I finish the practice to drive in high ways, I would like to drive the Tokyo acua line, which is a high way with nice viewing in Japan. There is a famous service area there. I have seen the picture of it, which was very amasing. So, I would like to go there someday.

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Inspection to keep workers' health in our factories

The inspection to keep workers' health in our Fujioka and Kamikawa factories was conducted by Mr. Kamimura, who was our industiral pysician in Gunma Seiko in April and May. Also, he had a time for private consultaing with our colleagues about health problems, and gave advice on the basis of their medical check. After that, we attended the lecture concerning saftey and health by him. The main topic of the lecture was how to realise and manage stress at work. The lecture was a good opportunity to understand the way to manage stress and could be helpful for the examination of the extent of stress in Gunma Seiko. Anyway, I would like to find the good way to release my stress not in public but also in private.

Masaaki Miyajima in the General Affairs section

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The Bowling Competition

The bowling competition was held on 21st May, where the workers in Gunma Seiko and the workers in our subcontracts joined.
The president in the bowling alley was very cooperative and helped us live up the games. Some people played bowling as they expected, others had tough games. But, they could enjoy their bowling games.
As a result of the games, Mr. Iwamaru, who worked in the logistics section, displayed his overwhelming strength and got the first prize. Although he missed the first prize in last year, he achieved the revenge. Congratulation! Our president, Mr. Marumo also enjoyed the games greatly and said “I had a very wonderful time!” We hope to plan such enjoyable events again.
Thank you for your participation.

Amada, the chairman of the event committee

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New Face

Tatsuki Yuasa
Date of entering a company 2016.4.4
Plasticity Section

1.What is your job in the forging section?
My job is forging work with the 250t press machine.

2.How about your job and your co-workers?
I always make effort to develop my skills for forging. Although the work with 250t No.5 press machine involves a lot of kinds of manufactures, and the processes of them are complicated. So, I always take notes for the mistakes and try to master new skills. Gunma Seiko is very pleasant to work because co-workers tell me very kindly in my view.

3.Please appeal yourself to others.
I do 5S thoroughly and keep my best seriously.

4.What do you do when you are off?
I like to drive, and relax myself in hot spring and tourist spots. In winter, I enjoy snowboading. Going out is better for me than staying inside.

5.What is your goal?
In the short-term perspective, I would like to master the basic skills and knowledges, and be able to operate a variety of machines.

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